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Thank you for supporting great principals

What if every child attended a great public school? What if there were a team of leaders in each school with the skills to support academic excellence for ALL students? By supporting New Leaders this holiday season, you have joined a movement to recruit outstanding educators from across the country and develop them into transformational principals and leaders for students in high-poverty schools. In Prince George’s County, we have trained over 100 school leaders who impact over 16,000 students.

One such leader is Kim Washington, principal of Hyattsville Middle School. Kim arrived as principal in 2011 to work with a student body that is 90% students of color and 70% from low-income families. As principal, Kim has instilled a culture of student achievement with an emphasis on career and college readiness and parent and community engagement. After her first year at Hyattsville, the school saw a 31% growth in eighth-grade math scores.

Every student deserves a Kim in his or her school. New Leaders is committed to the belief that supporting education is the most important thing we can do for our children and for our country- and that making sure every school has a great leader and leadership team is the best way to start. This school year, thanks to your support, we are training and supporting nearly 40 future and new school leaders like Kim right here in Prince George’s County, with the same grit and determination to see their students succeed no matter what. Thank you for joining us and supporting this work.

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